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Carbide round bars, tungsten carbide rod

Carbide round bars, tungsten carbide rod, also known as tungsten steel bars or tungsten carbide alloy bars Cemented carbide is a composite material which composed of a refractory metal compound (hard phase) and a binder metal (bonded phase) produced by powder metallurgy. Carbide, also known as tungsten steel, or tungsten carbide,...

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Carbide rod with spiral coolant hole

30 degrees carbide rod with 2/3 helical coolant holes 40 degrees carbide rod with 2/3 helical coolant holes...

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How to choose grade of carbide bar?

Different application use different grade. Different usage use different size. The choosing all based usage....

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The usage of carbide rods

Carbide rods are mainly used for drills, end mills, and reamer. It can also be used for cutting, stamping and measuring tools. It is used in the paper, packaging, printing, and non-ferrous metal processing industries. In addition, it is also widely used in the processing of high speed steel tools, carbide milling cutters, carbide tools, NAS cutting tools, aviation tools, carbide drills, milling core drills, high speed steel, taper milling cutters, metric Milling cutters, micro end milling cutters, hinge pilots, electronic cutters, step drills, metal cutting saws, double guaranteed diamonds, guns, angle cutters, carbide rotating jaws, carbide tools, etc....

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Carbide Rod with Three Spiral coolant holes(8-40°)

HAO Carbide manufacture tungsten carbide rod since 2009, Including solid carbide rods, tungsten carbide rods with single hole, tungsten carbide rods with double hole and no-standard carbide rod, such as carbide rod with 2 spiral coolant hole(30°)and carbide rod with 3 spiral coolant hole(30°&15°). Tungsten carbide rod also called carbide alloy rod, carbide alloy bar, or tungsten carbide round rod and so on. There are different technique when it comes to manufacture. One is molding rod, another is Extrusion....

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