Carbide rod with spiral coolant hole


Carbide rod with spiral coolant hole

With the continuous development of the machining industry, there are higher requirements for the machining accuracy and service life of high-speed milling tools; due to the high plastic deformation resistance while drilling high-temperature materials, drill bit take more cutting force, The pressure of drill bit belt and unit pressure between the blade face and the cutting contact is getting more, the friction coefficient is high; the heat of cutting is also high, and the thermal conductivity of the alloy is low, the blade is quickly adhered, the coating is peeled off and getting dull; the high temperature increased diffusion wear of the bit material. The material of the drill bit becomes brittle, the alloy composition and the material composition produce a strengthening phase; the birth of the spiral hole rod with the coolant inside, greatly inhibits the high-speed work of the tool, and the heat is continuously raised, causing the tool to be in the early stage of processing. Wear failure, effectively improve machining accuracy and extend tool life.

Inner spiral hole rod is a spiral cooling hole along the edge of the spiral cutter. When the cutter is working, the inner hole can pass the cooling liquid to reduce the processing temperature; the cooling hole angle is synchronized with the angle of the bit cutting edge of the drill tool. The common type are 45 degrees, 30 degrees and 15 degrees. The most commonly used conventional tools have a spiral cooling hole angle of 30 degrees, The design of the cooling hole spacing and the aperture is also important. The aperture spacing is too small. The cooling effect is not good; the aperture spacing is too large. The cutting edge of the tool is too thin, the strength is small, and it is easy to break.

30 degrees helix angle refers to the angle of the blade edge of the cutting edge, not the cooling hole angle. The hole spacing is the most suitable distance according to the tool design. The pitch should be designed according to the actual requirements of the tool.


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