Experimental study on grinding of ultrafine grained cemented carbide


Experimental study on grinding of ultrafine grained cemented carbide

Ultra-fine grained cemented carbide (WC grain size between 0.2-1μm) is a kind of hard alloy with high hardness and high strength. It has the hardness of ordinary hard alloy and the strength equivalent to high speed steel. .

1) Influence of processing parameters on surface topography and grinding force: As increasing the linear speed of the grinding wheel, and the grinding force decreases, the plastic removal trend of the cemented carbide material are increased, and the surface quality also improved; As the cutting depth increases or the table speed increases, the grinding force increases, The surface quality of the workpiece deteriorates and the brittleness removal tendency of the material increases, but the influence of the processing parameters on the surface roughness during the grinding process is not  clear. It could be seen that in order to improve the processing efficiency, the linear speed of the grinding wheel can be appropriately increased, the grinding depth can be appropriately increased, and the appropriate table speed can be selected.

2) Influence of material properties on surface morphology and grinding force: The particle sizes of ultra-fine cemented carbide JZ06U and JZ10S WC are not much different, and the grains are small, and the critical depth of elongation/brittleness is small. JZ10S has a larger Co content than JZ06U, and the plasticity of the material is better. The plastic flow in the material removal mode is more obvious than the material JZ06U, and the grinding force is small.

3) The grinding temperature increases with the speed of the table. If the grinding temperature is too high, it will easily affect the surface quality of the workpiece. When the phase transition temperature of a certain material is reached, the surface of the workpiece may be burnt. Therefore, the small table speed is used as much as possible while taking into consideration the production efficiency.


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