How to choose grade of carbide bar?


How to choose grade of carbide bar?

Carbide is divided into four categories according to the field of usage. P K G M is divided into K categories. It is mainly used for the processing of cast iron and non-ferrous metal steel alloys and composite materials. It is correct to choose grade according to the processing object and environment. Because it could make most of usage of their advantage and also good to improve work efficiency and quality. Taking PCB bar as an example, if high-precision hole position is required, small-aperture FR4 circuit board is processed according to the object. Choosing right grade based different environment  and manufacturing objects, not only can give full play to its excellent performance, but also is very beneficial to improve work efficiency and quality. Take PCB bar as an example, if you want to carry out high-precision hole position, small aperture FR4 circuit Plate, the best processing results.

The type of carbide bar represents the shape and size of the bar, and its type has certain standard requirements. Proper selection of bars, not only to choose the right brand, but also to choose the right model, many bar processing users choosing model based their own different production processes, They may require different precision or size under same specification, such as JZ06U brand products The outer diameter is 3.25mm, and some of the users require a length of 12.7, 15.6. It is used to make welding micro-drills with no blade length, and some users require a length of 38.7 to produce the overall micro-drill; The same bar of 38.7, some users have wider tolerances. Some are more strict, which is mainly related to the user's specific processing technology and market.


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