What types of carbide tools are there?

1. Solid carbide tools, including twist drills, milling cutters, reamers, boring tools, milling inserts, ball end mills, saw blade milling cutters, taper milling cutters, smooth plug gauges, round bars and step drills .

2, inlaid alloy tools, including reamer, spiral end mill, drill expansion molding knife, car wheel cutter, three-sided blade, T-milling cutter and various forming knives.

3, indexable tools, including carbide indexable end mills, indexable face milling cutters, indexable dovetail milling cutters and indexable three-sided cutting edge.

4. High-speed steel cutting tools, including high-speed steel forming cutters, left-handed rotary drills, spherical milling cutters, cobalt high-speed steel cutters and various non-standard high-speed steel cutters.

5. Special tools for the industry, including special knives for the automotive industry, special knives for the mobilization machine industry, special knives for the sewing machine industry, special knives for the mold industry, special knives for the textile machinery industry and special knives for the printed circuit board industry.

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